Organic Compost Topsoil blend (HACCP CERTIFIED)

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We are Closed December 23rd to 11th January.

Our topsoil blend is ready to be planted into, no need to mix with any other topsoils. The topsoil is screened to 10mm and is mixed no less than 3 months before delivery, so that microbes have time to work themselves into the soil. The blend is 60% compost, 40% topsoil.

Clyde Compost’s organic compost is a traditional windrow compost, following the Australian standard 4454 guidelines for composting, is A grade HACCP certified and with every batch independently tested by a micro biologist to ensure there’s active beneficial bacteria and fungi. We harness the natural heating process allowing for the pasteurisation of any pathogens and plant propagules. The compost is then allowed to cool and mature with the beneficial fungi and bacterial microbes given time to flourish, providing your soil with an all-natural, sustainable and organic food source for your plants.

Key benefits of our compost include

  • Active bacteria and fungi
  • Increased organic matter in your soils
  • Ph neutral 7
  • Provides available food and acts as a slow-release nutrient for the plant uptake immediately
  • Disease suppression in the plant and surrounding the root system through the introduction of our compost
  • High in calcium, little or no need for lime or gypsum
  • Only organic materials used – cow, sheep and horse manure, maize, wheat and lucerne straw, matured soft and hardwood shavings

Clyde Compost produces a thermal compost, little to no weed seeds remain after composting is completed. No waste products, chemical or council waste used, we source only natural organic products.

We are proudly Australian owned and operated.