About Us


Who we are and what we do

The owner of Clyde Compost comes from one of Victorias premier farming families, with the ability to blend organic materials to enrich the ground and plants ingrained in his DNA. 

Clyde Compost was developed through the necessity to improve the soil quality on their own farms and the desire to do so with a holistic natural approach. After years of seeing the results on their own farms, we are proud to now offer a natural alternative of growing to all, knowing that the fruits and vegetables of your gardens are naturally nutritious for your family.    

We understand that providing a safe environment for family is of the utmost of importance, and we a dedicated to ensuring that our customers are provided with a natural organic compost and are proudly HACCP certified. 


What makes us different

A proper soil structure with the application of a premium thermal compost, is achieved when all organisms such as beneficial bacteria and fungi are present. With these organisms present and interacting, plants are provided with the tools to suppress disease, retain nutrients that already exists in the ground and build a better soil structure for the plant. The use of non-natural or non-organic growing methods, can kill the beneficial organisms a natural premium compost can bring. The result is a sterile soil structure which introduces disease and nutrients deficiencies.

A premium compost provided by Clyde Compost, allows nutrients to be in the converted form for the plant to absorb immediately. However, synthetic forms of fertiliser need to be converted into plant available food. If there are no active microbes, the plant suffers, your yields reduce, or there will be nothing to harvest. A compromised non-organic soil structure allows nutrients to leach through the soil or evaporates off in warmer conditions. A proper soil structure introduced using Clyde Compost’s natural organic premium compost allows for the retention of nutrients, decreasing the need for fertilisers. When you build the right soil structure using Clyde Compost, you use less water and decrease the need for fertilisers.