Certified Organic Dolomite

Certified Organic Dolomite

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Certified Organic Dolomite

Correct Magnesium deficiencies and neutralise soil acidity with the application of Premium Grade Dolomite-100% natural, Australian mined calcium magnesium carbonate.

Dolomite is an economical way to increase the soil pH in acidic soils (sweetens the soil) and to raise magnesium levels in deficient soils. Dolomite also adds calcium and helps to improve soil structure and increases the availability of some trace elements.

Applying calcium in isolation can induce a magnesium deficiency (Ca:Mg ratio). Even though calcium is a very important nutrient in the soil, in isolation it can also reduce the availability of potash and phosphate, as well as manganese, molybdenum, boron, zinc and iron. The balance between calcium and magnesium is important, from a pH and a nutritional perspective, but also because they influence the soil structure.

Use it on: 

• acidic soils

magnesium deficient soils

• hard, dense soils

• lawns

• vegetables

• gardens

• fruit trees



• is an all-natural product, sourced in Australia

• is screened

• has a range of sizes to allow easy spreading and fast availability

• low in moisture


The benefits of using dolomite include:

• corrects and neutralises soil acidity

• neutralises soils that have had repeated applications of high Sulfur fertilisers

• improves calcium supply, essential for cell structure development

• corrects magnesium deficiencies, essential for chlorophyll production

• improves water retention and aeration

• improves soil structure 


Hints and Caution:

• Dolomite increases soil pH

• Use on acidic soils

• On neutral soil, use Qld Organics Natural Gypsum

• Corrects magnesium deficiencies

• Water in well

• Avoid inhaling dust and contact with the skin and eyes (See MSDS)


Pick up of bags is available in Devon Meadows, Victoria